USG Student Life Award Recipients

 2016 Student Life Award Honors and Acknowledgments

Congratulations to all who have  an award and THANK YOU for your exceptional service to Stony Brook University’s STUDENT LIFE! 

Outstanding Service Award: Taylor Bouraad


Most Dedicated Advocate Award: Drazen Bacarra 


Unsung Hero Award: Jan Jaminal 


Office Appreciation Award: Tom Kirnbauer, Liz Frisenda, Gina Windisch, Denise Eylers, Mary Howley


Extraordinary Emerging Leader Award: Alexander Bouraad 


Devotion Award: Danielle Ali, Krisly Zamor


Outstanding Advisor Award: Christine Noonan 


Spirit of Leadership & Community Award: Elmer Flores 

Innovative Leadership Award: Brody Hooper

 Check out some pictures from the 2016 Student Life Awards.


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