spotlight-logo-01Derrick Wegner

CAS Senator

Where are you from?

I am from ‘upstate’, because it’s not actually upstate. Sullivan County, a little bit to the left of Westchester.

What would you say you bring from Sullivan County? How has it influenced you?

The ability to make a home anywhere. It was kind of a small place, but it was home. I moved since when I was in middle school, but I made it home. I grew up in Duchess County, which is to the right of Westchester. Even if there’s not much going on, it can still be home.

What are you involved in?

RA in Jazzy Dreiser College, the Tabler RA Council Rep, CAS Senator, a member of the LGBTQA, I go to the Diversity Planning meetings, I do research in the chemistry department, I’m a Diversity Peer Educator, I’m an AIDS Peer Educator, and I’m a Forever Fellow.


Then you got it?

Then I got it.

“We’re going to call it ‘Worthy Way’, because everyone is worthy.”

What’s your senate project?

One of my projects is the trail connecting Tabler to West and Kelly. The one previously known as the ‘Rape Trail’. We’re not calling the Rape Trail, we’re going to call it ‘Worthy Way’, because everyone is worthy. We’re going to dedicate it to the survivors of sexual assault, beautify it and put a plaque up there. I am reclaiming it!

How are things going with that right now?

So the people that I reached out to at first, DOS, said we don’t know, so they sent me to other places, and they said we don’t know, so I got an email, and then another email. Then we sent it to this person, but they were out for a week, but now they’re back, so progress is being made. It’s getting to Winter so we need to get the logistics planned out, along with financing and stuff.

SPOTLIGHT: What initiatives are you interested in bringing to light, whether USG related or Stony Brook related, or just something you’re personally interested in?

Send me puns and dad jokes.

Really? I am giving you a platform to-

Yes. Send me puns and dad jokes.

Where would people send them?

Social media. Facebook (I don’t check my Facebook that often actually), send me an email? Oh, and Snapchat! Follow me @derrickingweggs!


Yes. Send me puns and dad jokes.

Do you have anything else in terms of senate projects?

Yeah, professors always go over the disability act really fast, but it’s important for you to take care of yourself and get all the help you need to do well in the class. Whether it’s your mental health or your physical health, all these things are super important and you should reach out for the help if you think you need it. That’s what it’s there for.

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