Office of the Treasury

Alex Bouraad

The Treasurer is the Chief Budgetary Officer of the Undergraduate Student Government and is a voting member of the Executive Council. The Office of the Treasurer is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget of the Undergraduate Student Government and ensures that the Undergraduate Student Government monies are not mishandled.


Office Phone: (631) 632-6382

Office Hours

Monday: 11am – 1pm

Tuesday: 11am – 1pm

Thursday: 11am – 1pm

By Appointment


  • Work to cut internal USG spending to maximize funds available for clubs and organizations on campus
  • Maintain an open door policy within treasury office and have maximum amount of transparency with clubs and organizations through all processes
  • Create new innovative ways to help eliminate red tape in voucher process and allow clubs to focus more on the events than worrying about the USG processes
  • Work to successfully implement Debit Card system during pilot run and work to have it universal by 2018-2019 Academic Year
  • Work with Vice President of Clubs and Organizations Katherine Colantuoni to help create leadership conferences that help club leaders maximize their leadership potential


  • Adrian Ortega (SAB Treasurer)
  • Amanda Protopapas (SSC Treasurer)
  • Gaura Mudgal (Assistant Treasurer)
  • James Edell (Assistant Treasurer)
  • Kyro Ibrahim (Assistant Treasurer)

About Alex

Alexander Bouraad is an economics major with a minor in Business Management minor student at Stony Brook University, where he serves as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Budgeting Officer of the Undergraduate Student Government, which has an operating budget of 3.6+ million dollars. Alex has been involved in every facet of student life on campus ranging from interning for Stony Brook Athletics to volunteering on the pediatric floor with Project Sunshine. He has a deep passion to improve student life for every seawolf and create an atmosphere on campus that focuses not only on academics but fun as well. Alex is excited for the opportunity to serve the student body in this capacity and hopes to see you at all major events. Go Seawolves!