Office of the President

Justas Klimavicius

The Office of the President provides a direct link between the 17,000+ undergraduate student body and the Stony Brook University Administration. The President serves as the Chief Executive of the Undergraduate Student Government and is responsible for all strategic initiatives of the USG.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manages all internal and external affairs pertaining to the Undergraduate Student Government (USG)
  • Sets the agenda for strategic initiatives and vested interests of the USG
  • Directly supervises and aids the Executive Council to ensure they are able to meet the demands of their respective offices
  • Serves as the undergraduate student representative to the Faculty Student Association (FSA) Board of Directors, the University Senate Executive Committee, the Stony Brook Council and other external organizations
  • Serves as the official spokesperson for the USG to any external body
  • Has the power to accept or veto legislation from the USG Senate


Office Phone: (631) 632-6460

Office Hours

Monday: 10am – 12pm/6pm -7pm

Tuesday: 1pm – 2pm

Wednesday: 10am – 4pm/6pm-7pm

Thursday: 1pm – 2pm/4pm – 7pm 

Friday: By appointment 


  • Securing menstrual pads in bathrooms around campus
  • Revamping the course retake policy
  • Fighting the stigma behind mental illness
  • Combatting alcohol/drug abuse and sexual assault
  • Curbing the effects of grade deflation
  • Fostering an open and inclusive environment for all