General FAQs

Where is the USG office and what are its office hours?

The Undergraduate Student Government office is in room 202 on the second floor of the SAC. We are open Mondays through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

How do I get involved in USG?

There are many opportunities to get involved in USG. Executive Council, Senate, and Class Representative positions are elected, and elections are held in the Spring Semester. Occasionally, assistant positions are available within different departments and can be located on Handshake.

What are the executive council positions?

The executive council of USG consists of President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, VP of Communications & Public Relations, VP of Student Life, VP of Clubs & Organizations, and VP of Academic Affairs.

How do I run for executive council?

Executive Council elections are each Spring semester for the upcoming school year. Look out for announcements about campaigns during the Spring.

What does the executive council of USG do?

The primary responsibility of the Executive Council is to promote and sponsor a range of social, cultural, educational, and service programs, in the interest of the Undergraduate Student Body. In addition, the Executive Council will ensure that the Student Activity Fee is properly allocated to promote and sponsor said programs.

What happens at SAB meetings?

Student Advisory Board meetings are the body that plan, implement, and coordinate the large scale events that USG puts on including the Back to the Brook Concert, Roth Regatta, and Brookfest. The SAB Meetings are also an opportunity for you, as a student, to voice your opinions and pitch ideas for new initiatives and events held through USG.

I have an idea to pitch or concern that needs to be addressed. Who can I speak to?

We strongly encourage students to reach out to their USG Senators. As the most direct representation of the student body in USG, your Senators are most capable of working and advocating on your behalf. Find your Senators’ office hours and contact information on the Who We Are>Legislative Branch page.

Where does USG funding come from and what is it used for?

Each semester undergraduate students pay a $99.50 student activity fee. The student activity fee is voted on by students during spring elections every two years. The state maximum is $125 per semester. This is what funds all USG clubs, concerts and activities, it is a vital part of student life on campus.

Clubs & Funding

When looking to get a vendor approved you must submit to the treasurer of USG the following information:

Vendor Name
Address,city,state and zip code
Telephone, fax (if available)

What is the difference between being recognized by Student Activities and USG?

Being recognized by Student Activities means you are considered a credible club by the University. This allows you to schedule spacing for holding general body meetings and events on campus. It also allows you to participate in the involvement fair held every semester. Being “acknowledged” by USG is what allows you to receive a budget from the school. They are two different things because the Undergraduate Student Government is who allocates the funds to clubs and organizations. See below for the process on how to receive USG acknowledgement and funding.

How do I receive USG funding?


What are the different types of grants?

There are Asset Grants, Event Grants, National/Regional Event Grants, and Fundraising Loans.
Asset Grants:

  • Used to purchase long-tern itens that fulfill the entity’s purpose (ex: Workout Machine, necessary equipment, etc.)
  • Can only be applied for every 4-6 Semesters, depending on cost of previous grant.

Event Grants:

  • Used for the purpose of improving student life on campus through the hosting of novel events on campus by clubs/organizations. The event must be novel for both the club and the University as a whole.
  • Up to $3000 per application.

National/Regional Event Grant:

  • Used for the purpose of funding an off-campus trip taken by a club/organization such as a conference, convention, tournament, or similar event that is National or Regional in nature where other schools are invited to attend.
  • Important: Event must be sanctioned by an organization or governing body not affiliated with any particular university.
  • Up to $4000, $400 per person, or up to 80% of total cost. Whichever is smallest.

Fundraising Loan

  • Used for the purpose of enabling clubs/organizations to raise money to supplement their allocated budget. Can either be an event (car wash, bake sale) or order (t-shirts, wristbands).
  • Up to $1000 per loan and $1500 between two semesters. Not allowed to be more than total budget remaining of club/organization. Loan must be paid back in full to USG, or else it will be taken out of the club/organization’s budget for next year.

For any additional questions please email