Office of Clubs and Organizations

Samantha Rodriguez

The Office of Clubs and Organizations ensure that Clubs, Organizations, and entities acknowledged by the Undergraduate Student Government abide by the policy and procedures of the University and the Undergraduate Student Government. The Vice President of Clubs and Organizations meets with an Executive Board member of all Clubs, Organizations, and entities at least once per semester.


Office Phone: (631) 632-6472

Office Hours

Monday: 1pm- 2:20pm

Wednesday: 1pm- 2:20pm

Thursday: 12pm-4pm


  • Secure more space for clubs and organizations to hold their meetings and find additional areas for them to table.
  • Advertise clubs/organizations’ meeting locations and times on TV monitors in residential halls and dining halls, so that more students can become involved through student organizations.
  • Create a calendar on the new USG website that will advertise major club events.


  • Rachel Pincus
  • Manuel Cristomo
  • Tasnia Nokib