Shared Governance Resolution

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Dear all students and faculty,

Recently, the USG Senate passed a resolution affirming our unanimous discontent with the current state of transparency and collaboration between administration and the USG. We believe this shows an inadequate consideration for the input of the student body. We hope for significant change in the near future.

The full text is copied below:


“Shared Governance Resolution of 2018”
I. Title
A. This resolution shall be referred to as the “Shared Governance Resolution.”
II. Findings
A. Whereas, the State University of New York (SUNY) and Stony Brook University (SBU) policies have established a shared governance model to enfranchise all stakeholders on campus; and,
B. Whereas, the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) is the body that has been elected by the 17,000+ undergraduate students to represent their concerns; and,
C. Whereas, key decisions affecting students should be made in consultation and in good faith with the USG; and,
D. Whereas, the USG has not been sought after for counsel on a number of such key decisions; and,
E. Whereas, student concerns are therein not adequately heard nor addressed prior to policy implementation; and,
F. Whereas, this is in direct violation of both the aforementioned SUNY and SBU guidelines; and,
III. Establishment
A. Therefore, let it be resolved that the USG objects in the strongest possible terms to the repeated lack of transparency and good faith discussions by members of the SBU administration. Time and time again, we have not even been invited to voice our opinions. The USG has been excluded on a number of occasions from what should been “shared” governance decisions, including but not limited to:
● the merger of the Vice President of Student Affairs and the Dean of Students positions
● the elimination of Winter Commencements in the future
● the non-invitations, or even dis-invitations, to pivotal committees and/or discussions regarding Commencement, the planning of the new student Union, the suspension of academic programs and others
To “consult” the USG after the implementation of a new policy or initiative is tantamount to not conferring with the USG at all. We, the elected members of the USG, earnestly hope that this trend does not continue in the future. It is only through active dialogue and good faith discussions that the student voice can be heard.

Written by:

Ayyan Zubair