Emergency Senate Meeting

There will be a Emergency Senate Meeting this TUESDAY at 7pm in the Union Auditorium.
This meeting is to go over and pass the USG Budget for the 2014-2015 Academic Year.

If you have any questions about the budget, the process, etc. We encourage you to come.

*The reason this meeting is on Tuesday and not Thursday is due to
Article VII , Section1, E. of the USG Constitution which states
“The Senate may modify the proposed annual budget of the
Undergraduate Student Government, prior to its approval.
The approval shall be completed by April 15th “of the spring semester.”



Roth Regatta

The 25th Edition of Roth Regatta will take place on Friday May 2nd starting at 11am.




*If you would like to register a boat, sign up HERE


This Years Theme is Video Games


Thank you to all of the candidates that ran in this election. Congratulations to the winner–Welcome to USG.

& to anyone who didn’t win, we hope you still stay involved (ask us for ways how to!)


President Garry Lachhar *839
Executive Vice-PresidentJames Alrassi*810
TreasurerKathryn Michaud*809
Vice President of CommunicationsDaniel Chung*839
Vice President of Academic AffairsSteven Adelson*823
Vice President of Clubs & OrgsKimberly Pacia*794
Vice President of Student Life Kenneth Myers*798
Senior Class SenatorTyesha Jordan-Arnette295
Junior Class SenatorColleen Cheslak283
Sophomore Class SenatorAshley Andreaggi304
College of Arts & Science Senators
Jennifer Jeng *270
Angleo Lambroschino *269
Arjun Kumar*256
Nathan Blazon-Brown*254
Christopher Williams*243
Eui Hyun Lee*237
Cody Pomeroy*236
Tyler Wilkinson*231
Taylor Bouraad*226
Erick Miao* 213
Marissa Peterson*204
Luo Luo Fang*198
Stephanie Kaczynski195
Vincent Justiniano189
Brian Kavanagh189
Maximillian Shaps189
David Fuchs186
Yusuf Sheth174
Jerry Mathew164
Min Yea Lee149
James Mutino135
College of Engineering & Applied Sciences Senator
Valliappan Lakshmanan*129
Joseph Divirgilio*116
John Mele*108
Michael Lavina79
Health Science Senator
Isabella Skomial *26
*Denotes Winner

Brookfest 2014 featuring Childish Gambino & Diplo

brookfest splash

Stony Brook’s 2014 Spring Concert will be on April 23rd in the Lavalle Stadium

The Doors Open at 6pm. Chilidsh will go on at 7pm. Diplo at 8:30pm

Tickets Go on sale FRIDAY APRIL 18th at 8:30am in the Union Ticket Office

Tickets Prices: SBU Student Floor: $20
                        SBU Student Stands :$10
                        NON STUDENTS : $50 (STANDS ONLY) 

Diplo - Brian


Student Activity Fee

Student Activities Fee v2




Hey Everyone.
Starting Next week the Student Activity Fee will be up for a vote.
Every Two Years, based on SUNY Chancellor Guidelines,
the SAF has to be put up for a vote on whether to be optional or mandatory.
Now we hate fees as much as anyone, but let us take a minute to explain
what the Student Activity Fee supports

*150+ Clubs & Organizations on Campus
*Concerts (Back to the Brook (Mac Miller, Reel Big Fish), Staller Unplugged
(Taking Back Sunday), DJ’s (White Pandam Hood Internet, etc) BrookFest
(Luda Wiz, Bruno Mars etc), Rock Yo Face, etc)
*Roth Regatta
*Lectures (Rainn Wilson, Michio Kaku, Bill Nye, Ralph Nader,etc)
*Comedy Show (Demetri Martin, John Oliver, Wyatt Cenac, Aziz Ansari, Kevin Hart, Etc)
*Senior Class Events (Senior Ball, Mocktail)
*USG Services (i.e A/V, Events Management, USG Media, Ticket Office, Accounting Service)
*Child Care
*Campus Rec (All Programming, including classes & Intramurals)
*Free Tutoring (Pass Tutoring)

Spring 2014Candidate List


Garry Lachhar


Executive Vice President

James Alrassi



Kathryn Michaud


Vice President of Communications

Daniel Chung


Vice President of Academic Affairs

Steven Thomas Adelson


Vice President of Clubs and Organizations

Kimberly Pacia


Vice President of Student Life

Kenneth J Myers


Senior Class Respresentative

Tyesha Arnette


Junior Class Representative

Colleen Cheslak


Sophmore Class Respresentative

Ashley Andreaggi


CAS Senator

Nathan Blazon Brown

Taylor Bouraad

Luo Luo Fang

David Fuchs

Jennifer Jeng

Vinny Justiano

Stephanie Kaczynski

Brian Kavanagh

Arjun Kumar

Angelo Lambroschino

Eui Hyun (Cole) Lee

Min Yea Lee

Jerry Mathew

Erick Miao

James Mutino

Marissa Peterson

Cody Pomeroy

Maximillian Shaps

Yusuf Sheth

Tyler Wilkinson

Christopher Williams



CEAS Senator

Joseph DiVirgilio

Valliappan Lakshmanan

Michael Lavina

John Mele


HSC Senator


Isabella Skomial


Budget Timeline

February 24th – Budget Process Starts

March 5th – Budget Workshop

March 25th – Budget Applications Due at 4:00pm

March 29th – Budget Hearings

March 30th – Budget Hearings

April 17th – Budget proposed to the Senate



Spring Budget Application